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To Be Yours Again by Taylor

To Be Yours Again by Taylor
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To Be Yours Again by Taylor

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    Read To Be Yours Again by Taylor by Taylor. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereTo Be Yours Again read online free: By Taylor CP: Jenny Walter and Alec Faust Vincent Duncan, Alec’s assistant, informs Alec that his divorce from his ex-wife has been finalized, but surprisingly, his ex-wife did not ask for any money. Alec orders Vincent to find out where his ex-wife is and give her a house in Charmford. Later, Vincent informs Alec that Dr. Walter, who had disappeared two years ago, has reappeared, and Alec orders him to investigate the matter. In another setting, a new deputy director of the neurosurgery department, Jenny, has been appointed, and the staff are curious about her. Morgan Golding, an intern, introduces herself to Jenny and offers her assistance as her temporary assistant. Jenny, who had not planned to stay in Parrington, has agreed to work at the hospital after being appealed to stay by the hospital's management and her brothers. Jenny Walter just got divorced and her butler handed her a bank card from Old Mr. Faust, who took care of her for the past two years. Jenny felt grateful but didn't understand why she received the bank card. She entered a car and was surprised to see that her brothers were nervous. Zack, who was driving, asked if she really got divorced, and Jenny showed them her divorce decree. Zack and Gilbert, her brothers, were happy about her divorce, and Zack even suggested that Jenny should have married him or Gilbert instead of Alec Faust. Jenny reminded him that they were siblings. Gilbert, who was usually quiet, asked what her plans were after her divorce. He reminded her that she was one of the most famous brain surgeons in the world and suggested that she might consider returning to work. Please follow and read To Be Yours Again  jenny and alex full story on

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