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The Perfect Luna by Marissa Gilbert

Chapter 84
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“Careful, just a few more steps and we are there,”Gideon chuckled as he attentively led Riannon to the big surprise he prepared
for her.She had a blindfold on but did not seem worried at all.Her lips were curled into a soft smile, and she was walking with
confidence, holding his hands and trusting him completely.
The lycan king was looking at his beautiful wife and saying silent prayers to the Moon Goddess to thank her for such a gift.It still
felt like a dream to him sometimes.He had the perfect woman who made his life perfect as well.
Sometimes he was so happy that he felt guilty, considering that many of the people around him were still dealing with the
consequences of the war they had.
The war that was far from being over.Riannon tried not to grin.She was going wherever he was taking her without any kind of
questioning his motives.
This was what trust was supposed to be.She felt a fresh breeze kissing her cheeks and smelled the scent of a familiar forest.She
liked all this already.
Gideon stopped and stood behind her, pulling her into his embrace from the back and kissing her neck gently, making waves of
tingles ripple over her body.
He then trailed the golden crescent on her marking spot with his lips and she let out a little moan, hoping
“Ready?”he asked, his lips almost touching her ear.
“Yes,” she replied playfully and he pulled her blindfold gently, taking it off.
Riannon needed a few seconds to adjust to the light, but when she did, she gasped and covered her mouth with her hand.
She breathed out, not able to finish the sentence as she was looking at their new home.
A two-storey modern house on the top of a hill in the middle of the woods.
The secret place right on the border of their two packs, where they decided to live and raise their future children.
It had stone and wood outer walls and huge glass windows with open balconies overlooking the Silver Lake, the place where
they first met.

“Surprise!” he whispered and pecked her cheek.
“But how?”she was still astonished and turned to look at him.
“It wasn’t supposed to be ready for months and months!”
“I had to pull some strings,” Gideon chuckled.
“Anything for my queen.”
They made the decision to create this place before their wedding.
Since Riannon’s packhouse was destroyed, they needed a new one.
And they also needed to integrate their people, lycans and werewolves, into one new nation.
More houses were planned to be built nearby as this was supposed to slowly become the center of the new future kingdom.
This was the perfect location as Ria’s pack and the western kingdom’s main palace was at an equal and much shorter course,
but this place... this place belonged to them.
Here, they did not have to play their usual political games and could live a much simpler life which they both craved, creating
something new at the same time.
A few mixed couples had already formed.
Lycans were finding their werewolf mates thanks to the many meetings arranged by Riannon for the two species.
They knew that it would take them decades for all the changes to settle, but they both also knew very well how to be patient.
“The view here is better than I remember!”
Ria sighed and leaned with her back on her mate as his hands were wrapped around her.
“It could be better,” the Lycan king smirked and pointed at a big rock in front of the building.
“I was right there when I had the best view of my life of a beautiful woman swimming naked in that very lake.Now that was a view
to remember!”

“Hmm,” she turned around to face him and laced her fingers into his hair to make him lower his head for a kiss, “who knows, if
you behave, maybe I will swim naked for you again.Maybe I will even let you join me this time.”
An internal growl left his chest, and she licked his lips gently, making them part to deepen the kiss.He grasped her tighter in his
arms, devouring her greedily as always.He could never get enough of her.No matter how much time they spent together, no
matter how
“You are here!” they heard a familiar voice and Gideon growled again.
This time from the frustration of being interrupted.
“Pardon me for the intrusion.”
Ria smiled at her Gamma and was about to step away from her mate, but he did not let her, only pulling her closely.
“This day is full of surprises indeed!”
“You said that you had an important conversation with me, and your husband told me that you’ ll be here today, so I decided to
grab that chance,” Ash smiled.
They did not see much of each other lately because he was mainly working with the werewolves, while Riannon was physically
mostly in the lycan kingdom, paying visits to her pack when she could.
This was one of the reasons why this place was so important.
It would make it easier to be both – a queen and an Alpha.
Ash’s eyes grazed over her but he stretched a formal smile quickly.
“That’s actually not a bad idea,” Riannon nodded at him, trying to struggle against Gideon, who had no intentions of letting her
Next to Ash he was always getting overly possessive, noticing how the latter was looking at his wife.
“So, Lam at your service, Alpha,” Ash bowed jokingly and she rolled her eyes.

“I will cut straight to the chase,” Riannon became serious in an instant.
“I need you to take over Brayden’s pack.” finally released his mate from his clutches, knowing that it was a strictly business
“But...you are the Alpha of The Silver River pack,”
Ash mumbled, nervously placing his hands in his pockets.
They discussed it a few times, but he always rejected the idea, knowing that if he became the Alpha, then they wouldn’t be
seeing each other at all.
He knew that she already belonged to another and that he had no chance, but just being next to her was better than not being

next to her at all.
It was enough.
He settled for this.
“Most people in Brayden’s pack resent me after our loud divorce and some even blame me for his death,” the Alpha Queen was
“Improving their financial situation helped, but not a lot.I could earn their trust and love if I lived there non-stop, but that’s
impossible at the moment.”
“I can be your substitute,” Ash proposed with hope.
“No, I need you to be my subject Alpha,” Riannon shook her head.
“I can’t do it and it’s not worth it now.If not me, the other two obvious choices are you and Harper.And trust me, Ash, no pack will
survive with Harper as their leader.”
He knew that it was the truth and tried to think hectically of a reason to leave things the way they were.
But when he felt her touch on his hand, he shivered and looked at her.
“Nothing is over yet, Ash,”

Ria was looking him straight into the everyone is doing their part.No one is safe.
Right now, Princess Savannah is planning her wedding in the North kingdom with the man she doesn’t even like, sacrificing
herself for a bigger cause.
We have to do some adjustments too.
It’s not only about the pack.
It’s bigger than that.
Zack and his allies left the Union officially and we couldn’t do anything about it.We had no proof other than Savvy’s words of their
betrayal.They didn’t turn up to the battle and now they say that it was Savvy’s fault.They also say that Zack is dead and imply
that we killed him.But we all know that it’s not the truth and the bastard is alive somewhere and just hiding.But now, because of
all that, the members of the Union are unsettled.And Ash, I need an extra vote at the next Alpha Summit.You can be that vote if
you become an Alpha.We all really need you to do this.I need you.”
Ash was aware that being an Alpha of this pack would be challenging.
Yes, they knew him all his life, but some of them were angry at him too for choosing Riannon over Brayden.
And if Harper had to become an Alpha...well, it would be a disaster.
She was not cut out for this.She changed a bit after she was abducted by Castiel and spent a few days in his dungeons.
But the worst part for her was that they had all forgotten about her.
It seemed to be a wake-up call for Harper, who always considered herself the centre of attention.
She decided to try and be useful in the pack now that her brother was dead.
But...she wasn’t good at anything.
Riannon was right as always.
It had to be him game was lost before it started.
“I do it,”he gave her a curt nod.

“As you know it’s not going to be easy,” Queen went straight to business as she always did.
“Beware of the current Beta, make him a Gamma and take someone trustworthy as your second in command.We suspect that
the Beta made the order to blow up my packhouse.Or at least was connected to the foxes.But there is no proof.The man who
was caught on the day killed himself, but before that, he confessed to who he was taking orders from.And it was Jacob.”
“Why don’t we just kill him then?” Ash arched his brow.
“One confession during torture doesn’t mean anything,” this time Gideon joined their conversation.
“We couldn’t confirm this information. But it is a possibility, and you should be aware of this.”
“I see,” the werewolf tensed.
Was he even ready for this if he had to do this alone?
“Ash, we will support you at all times,” Riannon said as if she read his mind.
She always did that.
Always guessed the exact thing he was thinking about.
“Did you already choose your new Gamma?” he decided to change the subject.
He didn’t want the lycan king to see his desperation and longing for his wife.It wasn’t appropriate.
“Yes,” the queen smiled, “I chose one of the red girls that decided to stay with me and proved their loyalty.” by his side at
Castiel’s house.
“No,” Ria shook her head.
“Bridgit decided to go back home to her family and give them another chance.She hopes to find her mate and feels that it might
be a bear.”
“Good for her,” Ash nodded curtly.
“I have to go now.If we are going to do this, I need to prepare some things before the announcements.”
“Are you sure you don’t want to stay for dinner?” the queen asked, and Gideon growled possessively behind her back..

“Nah, I need to go.Maybe another time.”
“All right,” she smiled and squeezed his hand in a friendly manner.
“See you, Alpha Jones,” the lycan king said, wrapping his hand around his wife’s waist and leading her away from him.
Ash saw Maya and Reid walking out of the house and Riannon giggled happily, running towards them.
She forgot about him already, only looking at her husband to see if he was keeping up with her.
And this was the moment when Ash knew that he had to move on too...He couldn’t go on like that.
“Maya! Reid! You are here as well!”
Ria rushed to their friends and stretched her hands towards baby Danielle.
“She is getting bigger and bigger! Come to your godmother, my sweet Dany!”
“There you go!”
Maya handed her the baby and then brushed her, always reminding her of the one who killed her brother.
But when she looked into Danielle’s eyes, she saw Dean and felt relief.
Her belly was already big, and their second child was going to be born in just a few months.
Reid was so happy when she told him.
They were walking to the house and watching their friends happy with their kid.
“If you are ready for this, then so am I,” Gideon winked at her, taking her hand in his.
“We talked about this,” she sighed, “it’s too risky now.First, we need to weed out all the traitors and win that war once and for all.”
“I know,” he chuckled, “but don’t blame a man for trying.”
“AS soon as we are ready, I will give you as many pups as you like, ” Riannon grinned at him.

“Boys, girls, strong, beautiful and smart like them...”

“Mummy,” he interjected before she had a chance to say anything.
“No, worries, Ria, you only motivate me to deal with our enemies faster.So that I could have you all to myself.”
“I want this too,” she stopped, and he pulled her into a warm hug, kissing the tip of her head.
“I don’t like how they turned everything upside down with Zack’s absence.They say that we had something to do with it.And
something tells me that when we find Zack, we find the culprit as well.The one who was commanding the rival army during the
last battle.” she nodded.
“We’ll get them all, Ria.I swear to you.”
“I am worried for Bridgit as well,” she confessed all of a sudden.
“when she left, we were in contact.But she doesn’t reply to my messages anymore.I don’t know where she is and if she is okay.”
“That one is harder” her mate brushed circles with his hand over her back to try and reassure her.
“Bridgit is a werebear and none of them is currently on our side.”
“I know,” Riannon agreed, “but I can’t help but worry.”
“We will figure something out,” he assured her and pulled her hand so that she followed him into their new home.
“One day all our friends and family will meet here, and we will have a feast.”
“Sounds promising,” she let out a little laugh when he lifted her in his arms right before the doors.
“That is a promise,” the lycan king chuckled.
“Everyone who is dear to us will be here.Savvy too.I will even tolerate her future husband.”
“Just behave at their wedding,” Riannon snorted, knowing that this subject was still painful for her mate.
He missed his little sister a lot, even despite her calling him almost every day.
“l am sure that we will get the invitation really soon.”
“I am surprised it’s not here already,”

Gideon rolled his eyes.
“He wanted to marry her for so long.”
“You wanted to marry me too, but it still took us some time to prepare for the wedding and the coronation.” Remembered very
well how they were only allowed a little private ceremony with their friends and family before the big coronation and a huge
reception, where they were talking and shaking hands for most of the day.
But Gideon knew that he would never forget how beautiful his bride looked back then in her elegant sparkling champagne dress.
How her eyes sparkled and how the wind was blowing strands of her hair.
He would never forget what he told her before the priestess of the Moon Goddess on that day, when they were standing in the
inner garden of his palace, holding hands and surrounded only by their beloved, who were their witnesses.
“Riannon, I swear to love you and to protect you with my life as the most precious thing that was given to me by the higher
beings.But I also swear to treat you as my equal, never less.Because The Moon Goddess knows it, you deserve this and so
much more.You are my heartbeat, you are every breath I take, you are the blood in my veins and the essence of my
existence.And I can’t imagine my life now without you.I tried it and I am never getting back to that.Today I take you as my wife,
my Luna, my Queen and my equal partner, ready to spend all my life with you.Will you accept me?”
“Yes,” she smiled with tears glistening in her eyes.
“Gideon, I swear to love you and stay with you until the day I die.And possibly even after that.”
She gave him a little smile at these words, and he everything that you do.I have never loved anyone the way / love you and no
one ever gave me what you give to me every day.Now I know that this is how it should be.I promise you my love, my devotion,
my loyalty, my respect.I promise to hold your hand even if the whole world is against us.I love you so much...and I take you as
my husband, my King, my equal partner and the love of my life.Will you accept me?”
“Yes,” he nodded and even before the priestess could announce it, he pulled her into his arms and covered her lips with his.
They explored the new house together, paying special attention to the training grounds, where Gideon planned to train his wife.

Her abilities were still not known to them.
She was getting faster and stronger every day and could match any lycan that he knew.
Even himself.
But something was telling him that this wasn’t the limit.
Riannon knew that too.
Too often Onyx was disappearing again, and she was aware that her wolf was spending time with none other than the Moon
Goddess herself.
When she was asking her about what was going on there, Onyx was giving her the most vague answers, saying that she would
tell her everything when the time came.
However, her dreams were getting more and more realistic.
Disturbing even.
For in her dreams she saw a battle.
A battle that hadn’t happened yet...loved every room that she planned personally with their architect.
But she appreciated the bedroom the most.
Riannon was exhausted but she never wanted it to stop.
Gideon was trailing his tongue over her inner thigh again, which made his intentions about what he was about to do next very
He wanted more.
More of her, more of their life as husband and wife, as king and queen, more of the happiness that they felt when they were
Ria felt how her strength was replenished with every kiss he left on her body, every touch, every tease.
They were two halves of the same whole and, as mates, they were giving each other strength.

She laced her fingers into his hair to give him a push in the right direction when a sudden urge to empty her stomach
overwhelmed everything else that she felt.
“Wait!” she muttered and pushed her confused husband away to run to the bathroom.
“Ria, what’s wrong?” he was worried now, and he was even more worried when he heard her throwing up.
His phone ranged and he recognised Savvy’s personal ringtone.
“I am fine!”
Riannon let out an apologetic sound and stood up to clean herself.She had no idea what had just happened.She had a stomach
of steel and never...
A sudden thought occurred to her, and she started to try and remember when was the last time she had her period.
She was so her hand instinctively rubbing her belly.
“He did what to my sister?!”
Gideon growled loudly and Riannon sighed.
Apparently, nothing was going according to their plans...

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