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The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo

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Chapter 190 Standing in my father’s room with the man | just found out is my fated mate who is currently holding my hand tightly as if he doesn’t want to be let go, is something that makes my heart beat faster for different reasons.

The first was being happy that my fated mate acceptedwith open arms and continued to show that she didn’t want to loseand the second was being nervous about being in front of my father with my mate because right now I didn’t know what was going through her mind, because, yes, we knew she wasn’t a werewolf and was a creature known to have no heart and even for her to have a mate was also a very surprising thing and maybe even a first for a Demon.

Well... Asmodeus’ poor response upon finding out that his fellow demon had a mate shows that his own kind didn’t take well to the information about him having a werewolf mate.

That's why | don’t know how my father would react to Astaroth finally acceptingas his fated mate, considering how he informedthat he had been in a phase of trying to get away from the feelings he felt forstago.

And yet, here we were, holding hands like a couple who had accepted the destiny written for both of us that we were fated mates.

| know, considering he is not a werewolf and is a demon, surely our path will not be that easy, there will be plenty of things that do not want us to be together, but I am also sure, if Astaroth is determined to stay by my side, then | will do whatever it takes to prove that | will do the sfor him, which is to stay by his side no matter what happens to us in the future.

Tightening my grip on his hand, | noticed my father looking at where our hands were joined before giving a small smile and shaking his head.

“Take it easy, | won't kill you, so don’t be too nervous,” he said softly and madeblink my eyes a few times before letting out a long sigh. [x | “Dad...” | whispered and saw him nod his head and shutimmediately.

He flasheda smile when he saw that | didn’t continue my words. “I know what fated mate is, you know | once did a stu pid thing that madealmost lose the most important thing in my life, my fated mate and so relieved, even though you are a demon, you did not do anything that could destroy you by rejecting the destiny written by the Moon Goddess to you, Astaroth” He said and | glanced at my mate who looked shocked at the words my father said and | gave her a calming 10.58 Tue, 19 Mar Chapter 190 smile before we looked back at my father.

E “I've heard that you almost rejected your mate, | thought it was just gossip” my mate responded and made my father chuckle.

“Believe I've been stu pid too” He replied casually and madesmile seeing them talking like that, after all my father is an important part of my life, and even though | will always be with my fated mate now, but getting the blessing and approval of my father is what I truly want.

FD doubts” Astaroth commented again “That's why you and your mate understand my and my father just nodded his head in confirmation.

I can only sigh in confusion and relief? | don’t know, because how can my father and my mother be sure? What if it turns out that Astaroth leftand leftheartbroken without knowing that he was my mate? They are so unpredictable, | thought and snorted involuntarily, causing the two men to look in my direction.

“Do you have something to say, princess?” My father taunted, he knew exactly what | was thinking right now and | just shook my head which made him smile teasingly as he looked at me.

But Astaroth surprisingly pulledclose and madesit on his lap.

What the...

Wide-eyed, | immediately looked at my father who only rolled his eyes and sighed as if holding back from making a scathing comment.

“Young mate...” Those were the only words | could hear from his lips before the door to the study opened and walked my mother with Melissa who gavea big smile as they walked into the room.

“Oh, look at them.” It was my mother’s words that madeblush, but with Astaroth’s arm in my lap, | couldn't move and remained in his lap.

Ugh... I'm going to get teased by everyone, | thought embarrassed and could only bow my head from the teasing gaze of the women.

“Welcto our family, Astaroth,” my mother said and hugged us both,on my mate's lap.

[e] 10:58 Tue, 19 Mar N Chapter 190 FD Melissa sighed “I thought you were going to be my daughter-in-law and mate with Drake jr” She said and made Astaroth growl softly so | quickly stroked his arm to calm him down, but Melissa looked at him and snorted “Calm down ... You didn’t accept our little princess yesterday, so it’s okay forto think like that” She added casually and made my mother laugh.

“So you all know about him as my fated mate and only | don’t?” | grumbled in annoyance as | pursed my lips.

My mom put her hand on my shoulder “Well... Because your mate is still unsure, so we don’t want you to be sad dear” She replied softly and that was the thing that madeunable to be with her, yes, my mother’s softness was mine and my it. Ugh! an father’s weakness and she kn The hug from behindsurprisedand knowing it was from my mate’s arm made my face turn red with embarrassment.

“What... Astro?” | whispered quickly and was embarrassed to be seen by my parents and Melissa who was like a second mother to me.

“It’s not that | doubt it it’s just that this has never happened to my people so | need to find out about everything” He said as if he wanted to explain what he felt to all of us.

And if there was no one else here. | would have hugged her back tightly at her answer.

Because whatever the reason is, the important thing right now is that he didn’t leave and still choseas his fated mate, and that’s the most important thing for me, | thought softly with a small smile.

Finding the gaze of a pair of eyes looking atas | smiled, | knew it seemed that my mother understood what | was feeling right now.