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Son-in-law From Rags to Riches

Chapter 688
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Chapter 688 Winslow
In less than two minutes, none of Marco's men were breathing.
In the meantime, Xandra and the other woman witnessed everything while kneeling on the ground.
At first, they were happy Marco had come, but now, Donald's actions had filled their hearts with fear.
Everything they experienced that day was more intense than taking a roller coaster ride.
“Don't kill me... Mr. Campbell, I'll do anything for you if you spare my life.”
Xandra was no longer her high and mighty self.
She hastily stepped forward to remove Donald's belt, but he simply slapped and kicked her away.
“I don't kill women, but since you two have seen me taking action, you must disappear.”
With that, Donald took out his phone and sent Billy a text. Shortly after, Billy and a few men arrived on the third floor and took the
women away.

A group of police from Chanaean Commercial District came along with Billy.
They announced to the public they were carrying out an anti-pornography and anti-crime operation, coincidentally clearing New
Garden as well.
In reality, it was a cover-up to let Donald leave through the backdoor and help him clean up the mess.
After helping Amelia to a bench by the side of the road, Donald bought a bottle of cold water from the convenience store and
placed it on her neck.

The icy sensation instantly awakened Amelia.
At first, she stood up nervously, but she soon became confused when she realized she was by the side of the road.
“We're alive?”
Donald questioned plainly, “Did you want to die?”
“No. I mean, wasn't Mr. Black pointing his gun at you? How did we get out?”
In response, Donald gave her a look to make her glance across the street.
A group of armed policemen was taking people out of New Garden.

Among those people were the massage therapists and people who seemed to be customers like Yeshua.
“We were saved by the police. When Mr. Black was about to fire, the policemen rushed in and shot him to death.”
“Huh?” Amelia could not help but find his explanation a little odd, but she could not quite put her finger on what was odd.
“All right. Don't think too much. You should go back to the company soon.” Donald waved his hand at Amelia as he walked away.
Just then, Amelia thought of something and called out to Donald, “Mr. Campbell, do you know how Chester got associated with
Mr. Black?”
Pausing in his tracks, Donald asked, “Do you know something?”
People like Chester could never get associated with Marco if they did not have any special methods.
After all, there were many people in Pollerton who had savings of hundreds of thousands.
Marco would have become rich if everyone could simply go to him to have their revenge taken. .

“The reason Chester managed to get in contact with Marco is all thanks to Huey's connections. Most importantly, Huey's backer
is the director of Dragon Fide Corporation, Winslow Moore. It's true that Chester wanted to kill you, but the person making him do
the dirty work was Winslow.”
“Who's Winslow?”
Donald's words rendered Amelia speechless.
You're the vice president of Dragon Fide Corporation. How could you not know the directors under your care?
Massaging her temples, Amelia said, “Winslow Moore's the executive director in charge of renovation materials. Since our
corporation's restarting the Dragon Fide Villa project, the purchase and consumption of building materials are high.”

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