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Serve No One This Life

Chapter 191
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Chapter 191 The Child Was Gone Chapter 191 The Child Was Gone +5 Free Coins When Scarlet heard the news and rushed to the hospital, only Linda was waiting in the corridor.

Linda claimed she wanted to talk to her. As the legitimate wife, she naturally couldn't refuse. So, she followed Linda to the stairwell without hesitation.

However, Linda unexpectedly used her unborn child as a threat. She was unable to bear it and slapped Linda in frustration. But the cunning woman fell down the stairs, shifting all the blame onto her.

This time, she was completely awake. It was all Linda's deliberate scheme em At such a young age, Linda didn’t even care about the child in her belly. It was truly vicious.

Seeing George's uncontrollable anger, Scarlet knew she was done for this time. But she couldn't accept being outsmarted by this young girl.

Joseph quickly stepped forward, pushing the two arguing women into a corner to prevent further embarrassment for the Kins Family.

“Dad, Mom, what's happening here?” “Mom, the nurse said you killed someone. Who did you hurt?” Joseph knew his mother’s temperament. She was lenient in daily life. But even when dealing with a chicken, she would keep her distance. How could she have the courage to kill someone? There must be a misunderstanding.

Scarlet cried as if she had found a lifeline, throwing herself into her son’s arms. “Joseph, your father is having an affair. That woman is even pregnant with his child, and she accused me of pushing her down the stairs.” An affair? Joseph looked up in shock, staring at George in disbelief. His parents had been married for decades, always deeply in love.

Although some social engagements were outside, they had never crossed any lines.

Joseph furrowed his brow, feeling uneasy at his mother’s cries.

1/4 M Chapter 191 The Child Was Gone A “Dad, what's going on? Is she really pregnant with your child?” Joseph asked pointedly.

These days, it is common for someone to claim a child is yours and call her your partner. There are plenty of those.

He was worried that his father had been deceived.

But his father was always cautious and wouldn't be so foolish.

Ims 11:00 George's eyes flickered, facing his son with a momentary embarrassment, nodding slightly. “It's mine. But your mother actually pushed Linda down the stairs. She’s pregnant, and if something happens to both of them...” Linda? Is she the woman his father has an affair with? Upon hearing this, Scarlet cried out. “I told you she fell on her own!” “Alright.” Joseph impatiently interrupted. “That woman should have been taken to the hospital by now, right? It's a matter of life and death, Let's wait here for the results.” Perhaps sensing the indifference in his son's words, Scarlet retreated to a corner, curling up and crying, regretting her marriage to George, this shameless man.

If she wanted to deal with Linda, she could have found a thousand ways to make her leave. Why did she have to act against her in front of George? Time passed slowly, and Scarlet felt like an eternity.

Finally, when the red light above the operating room went out, she saw George rushing anxiously to the door, peering inside with concern. It was quite ironic.

The nurse wheeled Linda, who was still under anesthesia, out of the room.

George hurriedly asked, “Doctor, how is the baby in her belly? Is it okay?” The doctor recognized him as Dr. Kins father and could only tell him the truth. “This girl is weak and frail, and the baby in her belly is already unstable. After the impact, there was no way to save the child.” “At least this girl is fine.” The doctor glanced strangely at Joseph, who was not far away with a grim expression, shook. his head and walked away.

After his colleague left, Joseph walked over to see what kind of woman his father was 2/4 01 Chapter 191 The Child Was Gone involved with.

+5 Free Coins But when he saw Linda's delicate and innocent face, Joseph froze on the spot. His pupils dilated in disbelief, his fists clenched tightly.

Is Jasper Saw's daughter? And she is Fanny's classmate.

Why would his father choose a classmate of Fanny's to be with? Joseph felt his face burning hot, and the anger in his heart flared up.

After giving a few instructions to the nurse in charge of Linda, he hurriedly walked away.

Scarlet watched Joseph's angry departure and glared at George with resentment. “It’s all because of you, this shameless old man. If anything tarnishes Joseph's reputation, | won't let you off.” The child was gone, and George was already angry. The accusations from Scarlet only added fuel to the fire. He rushed forward and slapped Scarlet hard across the face. “Shut up!” With the child gone, Linda, who had already struggled with fertility, felt like her whole life. was ruined.

Scarlet's eyes immediately filled with stars, and she fell uncontrollably to the ground.

Tears fell uncontrollably, splashing onto the floor.

George showed no remorse, instead pointing at Scarlet and shouting angrily, “Scarlet, | Ie hardté'éarn ons Q aveyau comfortable life for most of your life. When have | not given you the glory outside? You can't even tolerate a child. You are truly despicable.” By the time Scarlet emerged from the intense pain, George had already left..

In the hospital room, Linda struggled to open her eyes, recalling every moment that had just happened.

Feeling the tearing and weakness in her body, she was sure that the child was gone.

This was the result she wanted to achieve.

She couldn't keep George's child.

Linda hid the gleam in her eyes, looking at George beside her with tears in her eyes, putting 3/4 Chapter 191 The Child Was Gone on a look of heartbreak. “George, is the child really gone?”

Seeing Linda's fragile and painful appearance, George finally conse a rare sense of guilty Meiyhtty He d her hand) hWGloe choked with emotion.

“It's my fault for not protecting you, lenting you suffer like this.” As soon as he finished speaking. Linda couldn't help but burst into tears.

She sadly burrowed into George's arms, resting her head on his m shoulder as tears stebmed © URSBRtINISBY. "George, I've said it.

This child cannot stay. | don't want him to become a burden on you.” “I know I'm filthy, especially for daring to hope for your love. So, don’t blame Scarlet. This child should never have existed in the first place. Now that he’s gone, it's for the best.” At the mention of Scarlet, George's expression darkened.

Linda was so kind, even speaking up for Scarlet, unaware that Scarlet had shifted all the blame onto her.

One could easily see through the ulterior motives.

George held Linda tenderly. “It's all my fault for not protecting you and the child in your belly. Forget about that malicious woman.

Don't mention her again.” He then promised, “I've already bought a house for you in the Western Suburbs. You can live there peacefully with Angela. I'll have someone take care of you.” Sure enough. The fish took the bait.

A gleam flickered in Linda's eyes. She pretended to be surprised and refused, “But how can that be? George, | can't move in.

Since the child is gone, our fate has come to an end.”