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Savage Hunt by Jane knight

Chapter 103
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Chapter One–Hundred and Three: The best way
to end the night
Ryan let go of my breasts, moving his hands down my body. He dipped his fingers between my thighs, stroking them through my
folds until he reached my clit. His fingers rubbed slow circles over the hardened bundle of nerves and I closed my eyes, savoring
the way that it felt to have him playing with my pussy while I worked Gideon‘s cock in and out of my mouth.
Gideon let out a soft growl above me and I opened my eyes, looking up at him. His eyes were glued to my mouth as he watched
his cock move in and out of my mouth. I gripped the base of his cock, working my hand over the knot at the base. Making him
buck his hips up to thrust himself into my mouth.
The pleasure was building up in him and it felt like my body was racing to try to catch up with the way that I was making him feel.
Behind him, I could hear the soft rustling of fabric and I knew that Jason was stripping down. I wasn‘t sure how this was going to
work but the thought of him join of us or hell even fucking Travis filled me with an ex citement I hadn‘t been prepared for.
Sure, Travis liked to tease everyone but I hadn‘t
thought that Jason would take him up on it. I knew one thing though; I was eager to watch whatever was going to happen
between the two of them.
Gideon‘s fingers tightened in my hair, he let out a low growl. “Tillie, I‘m going to come. Tell me it‘s okay... Tell me you want it.”
“Don‘t you dare.” Ryan growled, his fingers moving faster over my clit. “You‘ll get to come when she does on your tongue.”
“Please.” He whimpered.
“Get on your back and taste her. She can keep sucking you while I fuck my baby girl.” Ryan growled, pulling his hands away
from my pussy. I let out a moan of frustration that was muffled around Gideon‘s cock. He pulled out of my mouth, sinking to the
Laying on his back, I felt his breath hot against my inner thigh. Ryan gently pushed me onto all fours so that I was hovering over
Gideon. His hard cock twitched in front of my face. His hands moved up to my thighs and he pulled me down closer. Pressing
hot, opened mouthed kisses against my pussy, I cried out.

He didn‘t waste anytime doing what Ryan had told him to do. And he was damn good at it. “Oh, fuck.” I whimpered, rocking my
hips down to grind my pussy against his hungry
mouth. His tongue moved along the entrance of my pussy and he nibbled along my nether lips. Fingers digging into my thighs

before he moved his tongue in and out of me.
“That‘s right, we‘re going to take good care of you baby girl.” Ryan said. His hand moved over my ass and he gave it a sharp
slap. “Going to make you feel so good.” He growled, slapping my bottom again.
“Daddy, oh god. It feels so good. Gideon, don‘t stop.” || panted and he moved down, swirling his tongue over my clit. Everything
in me tightened and I knew that if he kept it up I was going to come on his tongue. Gideon growled, the sound making my body
Ryan swatted my bottom again before lining himself up with my entrance. He thrust into me not giving me time to adjust, but I
didn‘t need it. My back arched as he brought his hand down again. Working himself in and out of me at a pace that should have
hurt. It didn‘t. The pleasure of it all was overwhelming and my thighs started to tremble.
I didn‘t know if I should fuck myself back into him or if | should go down to let Gideon suck on my clit more. It didn‘t seem to
matter, as Gideon let go of the tight bundle. His tongue swirling and moving against as he lapped at the bud.
“Take him in your mouth, baby. Make him feel so good too.” Ryan ordered, swatting my ass hard again over the
claiming mark that Travis had given me.
Leaning forward, I sucked his cock into my mouth. Hol lowing out my cheeks as I bobbed my head up and down. His penis
muffling my cries of pleasure as they worked me closer and closer to the edge.
“Fuck, that‘s right. Don‘t stop.” Travis growled out and my eyes shot over to him. He was watching Ryan fuck me and Gideon
drive my body higher. Jason had stripped down and was moving to stand beside him on the couch. His cock level with Travis‘
“You‘ll just never learn to keep your mouth shut.” Jason growled, his hand stroking over his length as he slapped the tip of his
cock against Travis‘ lips. “Open your fucking mouth and suck.”
“Yes, sir.” Travis rumbled, before he took Jason into his mouth, letting him guide the pace. Jason‘s eyes fluttered closed. He
leaned his head back and to the side. Watching me as he thrust his hips forcing himself deeper into Travis‘ mouth.

I whimpered, working my head up and down faster. As chased the pleasure of the way that all of this was making me feel. It was
like a constant feedback loop of stimulation and I knew that I couldn‘t take much more. Ryan‘s hips moved faster as he thrust
himself deeper into me. His growi grew louder and he smacked my ass again and again. I
knew that tomorrow my bottom would be sore but right now I didn‘t care. I was so close to coming.
Gideon‘s cock twitched hard in my mouth and he went still beneath me. His tongue still moving over my pussy as he cried out,
the sweet taste of his semen filled my mouth. I swallowed his come, crying out as I let his dick fall from my lips.

“Don‘t stop.” | panted, “Please, don‘t ever stop.”
“Baby, I won‘t. We‘ll give you all that you need.” Ryan snarled, his hand moved to grip my hips. His fingers moved to press
against my asshole, it was dirty and I loved it. The stimulation of him and Gideon working my body sent me over the edge and I
cried out.
My pussy squeezing his cock as I dropped my head, resting it on Gideon‘s thigh. Gold flecks painted my vision, but it felt so
damn good.
Jason let out a growl. “Swallow it all.”
I knew that he was coming too, that he was making Travis suck him off as he watched Ryan and Gideon fuck me. That he could
feel everything that I was feeling.
Travis groaned and Ryan tensed behind me, his body going still as he cried out my name. His dick twitched hard
inside of me as he came. This was what we all had needed tonight. This was something that I knew needed to happen again and
“That was the best way to end the night.” Travis said when Jason finished with him. I looked up taking in the sight of him. Cum
coated his chest and stomach, his hands were still tied in my panties and I was shocked that he hadn‘ t ripped them off to touch
Maybe he was learning to listen?
Ryan let his cock slip from my body and I moved to the side to look over at Gideon. He sat up, taking me into his arms, “Tillie,
that was... Let‘s do it again.”

“Maybe in the morning.” I said, leaning against him. The day and night had been long and I needed to rest.
“I vote that‘s how we end all of our days.” Ryan chuck led as he pushed himself to stand.
“Seconded.” Jason said, perching against the back of the couch. He moved his fingers over Travis‘ wrist, undoing the knots that
held him in place. “It was a good way to end the hunt.”
He wasn‘t wrong, I couldn‘t think of anywhere else | would rather be or how I would want things to end.
The hunt had ended and I was with my mates, we were happy. I knew one thing, I couldn‘t wait to see what the fu ture held for
us. Or the ways that we were going to love each other.
The End
Author‘s Note: Thank you guys for taking this journey with Tillie and her guys (and me). I’ve loved the comments and feedback
that I‘ve gotten on this one ;) I can‘t wait to start the journey of Tillie heading to the pack house with you guys and the heat that
will build as they all get to know each other. Be on the look out for Savage Love soon :)
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