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My Wife is a Hacker novel (Nicole)

Chapter 3275
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Chapter 3275 "Sit down, let's talk," Nicole gestured to Doretta.

Once seated on the couch, Nicole began, "It seems Lawrence doesn't care about his company anymore. Instead, he has set his sights on Riddle Corporation, and we've also discovered that he had tampered with Riddle Corporation before..." After explaining the situation in detail, Nicole looked at Doretta and said, "I think he will try to strike at Riddle Corporation. If Patricia is protecting me, she won't be able to cover everything, so | need your covert support." "Understood. What do you need me to do?" "Lawrence probably doesn't know you're in San Joto, so he won't be on his guard against you. You'll have more freedom to move..." "Got it." After their discussion, Doretta left Riddle Corporation.

Nicole waited a while before leaving, intending to have her chauffeur take her home. She had Jared to pick up Nolan and Lana first because she needed to meet Doretta.

While she was waiting for her car, another vehicle pulled up nearby, and two men got out.

Nicole instinctively moved back, keeping a cautious eye on the approaching men.

They stopped a short distance from her and addressed her with a name from her past, the time when she had lost her memories.

"Niki, let's not make this hard for either of US. Just come with US, okay?" Recognizing them as Lawrence's people, who had probably come from Mecrounia, Nicole realized they didn't know about the recent developments here. That's why they used the name "Niki." "You're mistaken. I'm Nicole, not Niki," Nicole said calmly, yet firmly, to the two men.

Inside, she was quickly thinking through her options. Peopy sent by Lawrence were no amateurs; they'd know too much about her to let her simply walk away.

"Please, just get in the car," they said again, their tone firmer this time.

Nicole clenched her teeth secretly. She knew escaping now would be incredibly difficult, if not impossible.

One of them hinted, "At a time like this, you should understand," pausing briefly, "There's no use waiting. No one's coming for you." Realizing the depth of her situation, Nicole saw how well Lawrence had played his cards. They had thought they were watching him, yet he was just as informed about their actions.

FI : ' The timing, just after Doretta's f 2 0 departure, wasn't a coincidense SIC pad bednvsiing for the prefect moment, proving his strategic patience. Nicole's calm deepened, as she recognized this move as classic Lawrence - always thinking ahead, undeterred by what others did against him.

Facing the inevitable, Nicole 1 : p conceded, "It looks like | don't haye : [1 much choice,’ hq Fellowes them, q 0 5 Eas \Qwrence wouldn't risk her life just yet if he was making a move like this. As the car blended into the traffic, a lone figure in the shadows noted its departure.

Soon, Nicole found herself at Lawrence's villa, pondering what he had planned amid this silent chess game between them.

In the living room, Nicole calmly : [1 faced Lawrence, saying, "I never : : ' imagined we'd nedupgerdhese cheymbet ON r did | want this, but the situation demands it. After all, 3 f q q Jared isn't planning on letting me get n f away unscathed," Lawrence admitted frankly, getting straight to the point.