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Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen

Chapter 675
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Chapter 675 As the heir of the esteemed Barrett family, Timothy had always been regarded as a prodigy and had never experienced such disrespect before.

His expression hardened instantly. “You'd better keep quiet, or you'll regret it.” Timothy was furious.

Just as he was preparing to storm out, a woman's voice echoed from within the room. “Are you leaving this quickly just because you're upset?” Timothy's steps faltered, his gaze shifting incredulously toward the room. He hadn't anticipated Mia to be inside.

In a fit of rage, Timothy turned abruptly and stormed into the room.

Keith attempted to intervene, but Timothy shoved him aside with a single slap.

As Timothy stepped into the room, he found Mia seated on the sofa.

She wore a black camisole, her long damp hair flowing over her shoulders; it seemed that she had just stepped out of the shower.

At the sight of her, Timothy clenched his jaw and demanded, “Have you arranged to meet other men besides me?” His anger was palpable.

Before Mia could respond, Keith cried out and hurried to Mia's side, “Babe, did you see that? He deliberately shoved me! Look, my arm is scraped!” Spotting the scrape on Keith's arm, Mia exclaimed sympathetically, “Oh dear, how careless of you! You should have the doctor examine it later to ensure it doesn't leave a scar.” “I want you to apply medicine to it,” Keith insisted, clinging to her arm.

Mia appeared somewhat helpless as she glanced up at Timothy and explained, “Please don’t misunderstand. Keith is a friend of mine who came specifically to see me when he heard | was here.” Timothy thought to himself, “What a lame excuse. Does she really expect me to believe that? An awkward silence settled over the room momentarily.

1/3 Mia turned to Keith and suggested, “You should go see the doctor first. | need to discuss something with this gentleman. We can meet again tomorrow.” “No way! | think | sprained my ankle just now. | can’t walk properly. | need to rest here for a while,” Keith insisted, refusing to budge from the couch.

Timothy snorted disdainfully, “If he won't leave, then | will.

He couldn't bear to stay in the same room as them any longer.

“Don't leave just yet, Mr. Barrett. Please, have a seat for a moment,” Mia interjected.

Timothy hesitated at her request but eventually obliged, settling onto the nearby sofa. He couldn't help but glance at Keith nearby, finding him annoying.

Mia turned to Keith beside her and suggested, “Why don't you ask your friend to come pick you up?” Reluctantly, Keith took out his phone and sent a message.

Casting a taunting glance at Timothy, he remarked, “Babe, it seems your preferences have shifted this time. | can't believe you'd be into someone so much older.” Timothy's gaze turned cold in an instant, exuding a menacing aura.

Keith immediately fell silent, not daring to speak another word.

Mia quickly intervened, advising, “Mr. Barrett, let's not get involved in childish disputes.

Timothy's anger surged even more at that moment! Before long, several more young men entered the room, all clamoring around Mia.

One of them exclaimed, “Hey babe, why did you take so long to come?” “Mia, remember you promised to take me to watch the sunrise last time?”

“Darling, you mentioned taking me to that fancy restaurant. You haven't forgotten have you? Mia found herself surrounded in an instant.

She hastily interjected, “I remember your requests, but let's it one at a time,okay?Don't worry ."

Meanwhile, Keith found himself pushed aside. He shot Timothy hn slightly annoyed glance and remarked,mate. with your passive approach, you won't get anywhere.

Don't bother 2/3 trying to play hard to get. It's useless.”