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Married at First Sight novel (Serenity and Zachary York)

Chapter 3123
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“Sister, you're looking for a chef, not a husband. It doesn’t matter whether he is far away or not.” Tinsley smiled and said, “As long as the food he cooks is delicious and you can eat it, it's fine.” Elora didn't take Tatum to heart; she hadn't even met Tatum yet.

She just lamented that Tatum was from Wiltspoon, and Wiltspoon was really far away from their Annenburg in province X.

“I also hope that there will be a chef who never gets tired of eating, so | don't have to change chefs every now and then.” Elora patted her mouth and laughed at herself. “I don’t know why | have such a delicious mouth.” “Sister, do you still want some snacks?” Tinsley asked when she saw Elora stop eating snacks.

Elora looked at the time and said, “I'm not hungry now, so | won't eat. I'm going to a meeting soon. You don't have to go back.

Come with me to the conference room.” “Um.” Tinsley took the snack box and said, “Sister, you didn’t eat it, so | finished it. | thought it was quite delicious. This tatum probably has two brushes. He said he was not very good at making snacks, but he made them. Sister, you have already eaten a few of the snacks.” Elora: “That's because I'm hungry. I'm not someone who will torture my mouth and stomach. If Tatum hadn't made delicious snacks, | wouldn't be able to eat them no matter how hungry | am.” Elora smiled and stopped talking.

In fact, this was also true.

The chef named Tatum’s dim sum tasted really good, despite being a bit dry.

She suddenly looked forward to Tatum's cooking.

After thinking about it, Elora picked up her cell phone, called the butler, and said to the butler, “Inform the chef who came for the interview today to come for a re-examination tomorrow afternoon. | will go home for dinner tomorrow night. In addition to preparing the materials he needs, he has to do everything else himself. You watch him do it, so that he doesn't cheat.” The butler said respectfully, “I will reply to Mr. York right away. Don’t worry, young lady; no matter who comes for the interview, | will watch the whole process. There is no chance of cheating. Moreover, it is useless for them to cheat. They are officially at work, and the meals are cooked. If he’s not in line with the young lady's taste, he will be fired.” After notifying the butler, Elora walked out of the office with Tinsley and went to the meeting.

The butler over there called Tatum immediately after Elora hung up the phone, and Tatum quickly answered his call.

“Mr. York, congratulations. Our eldest lady informs you to come for the re-examination tomorrow afternoon.” Tatum felt slightly relieved and thanked the butler.

“Our eldest lady has said that when she comes back for dinner tomorrow evening, you can make a list of what you want to cook and what ingredients you need. | will have someone buy it for you tomorrow. The ingredients must be fresh. Our eldest lady has a very picky mouth. Even if the ingredients are slightly stale, she will be able to eat them.”

Tatum said, “Can | add your WhatsApp number? | will aks arist later a "deend you Herdg uired ingredients. You can have someone go purchase it tomorrow.” The butler said, “Mr. York, you can search for my WhatsApp number by searching for my mobile phone number.” “OK.”

After ending the call, Tatum searched for the butler's mabife@hotefumber I apdadded im Ga WhatsApp friend.

He told the butler on WhatsApp that he would send the recipe and ingredient list to the butler later.

The butler replied with an OK expression.

Tatum was staying in a hotel for the time being. After sey messages ne biglen, Het Up and made himself a cup of tea.