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Ex-Husband Wants Badly to Resume Their Marriage

Chapter 654: Why Do You Remember It Clearer Than Me Every Time?
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Freya raised her eyebrows and ashed her cigarette.
"Mr.Rivers is right.You and Jameson are just about the same, a kettle calling the pot black, you know.But..."
Nathan Rivers said, "But what?"
"But you are a kettle made of metal, and he is a pot made of gold."
Before waiting for Nathan Rivers to flare up, Freya continued, "Mr.Rivers, don't be angry.I definitely didn't mean to mock you.It's
just that you think too simply of Jameson.You have to be fully prepared since you intend to take down the Proctor Group's
project, right? I promise that our cooperation will definitely let you get the greatest profit."
Nathan Rivers narrowed his eyes and looked at her.
After a moment of silence, he said, "We can cooperate, but I have two conditions."
"Just say them."
"I want 70 percent of the project's profits."
Freya laughed, "That's not a problem.What about the other one?"
Nathan Rivers said, "I want to see your boss."
Freya's smile stopped and slowly disappeared.
The pen in Nathan Rivers’ hand tapped on the table.
"What? Since you want to cooperate with me, is the person backing you still not going to show up?"
"It's not that he doesn't want to show up, but his identity is a little special and will bring unnecessary trouble to Mr.Rivers."
"I'm not worried about that.I've seen all kinds of trials and tribulations."
Nathan Rivers said as he put down the pen and leaned back.
"If you can't even give me this olive branch, then there is no need for us to cooperate.I can go to other sincere people who are
willing to cooperate.".

Freya crushed the cigarette butt.
"OK, I understand what you mean, and I will convey it."
"Then I will wait for your good news"
After leaving Nathan Rivers' company, Freya returned to the hotel.
Benjamin Hood said, "What did he say?"
"He wants to see you, or the deal is off."
Benjamin Hood's lips curled up.
"He is pretty good at giving himself a leg up."
"Do you want to see him?"
Benjamin Hood sat on the sofa as he said.
"If I remember correctly, he has a private jewelry exhibition"
Freya lit a cigar.
"I think so.His mother loved jewelry and collected a lot when she was alive.After she died, Nathan Rivers put all of it in the

"Let him make this exhibition hall public and welcome people from all walks of life and also send an invitation letter to all the
jewelry designers."
"You are..."
"Whether it be Sharon or Jameson, they are too cautious, and Olivia Hood is also with them.It is impossible to get close to them
by ordinary means because It will only attract suspicion.In this way, we will have to create opportunities for ourselves.Otherwise,
we will wait for the news from that side."
"Okay, I understand.I will go and reply to Nathan Rivers immediately."

When Nathan Rivers heard that they asked him to disclose his private exhibition hall and send an invitation to all the jewelry
designers, his face darkened for a long time.
After weighing the pros and cons, he reluctantly agreed and ordered his subordinates to do so.
Three days later, an invitation letter was sent to Sharon.
Tiffany moved closer to Sharon and asked curiously, "What is this?"
Sharon took the invitation letter and opened it to take a look.
"It seems to be a private collector who has opened up his own collection of jewelry.Now that I've looked at it, it seems that many
designers have been invited."
Tiffany said, "Is there a good thing? This is for charity, right?"
Olivia Hood drank milk tea and said, "That's how rich people are; when they get bored, they always like to show off some things
to satisfy their vanity."
"How can you know so certainly?"
"Because my father did the same thing.He often invited my Uncle to come to his house to see his collection of famous paintings
and antiques.All that stuff filled up the entire basement"
Both Sharon and Tiffany became lost in thought silently for a while.It's good to have money.
Tiffany said, "Sharon, are you going?"
"I haven't thought about it yet."
Recently, her well of inspiration for drawing designs had dried up, and she was getting less and less aware of what she was
Now, there was a jewelry exhibition in front of her, and there were also a few pieces of jewelry that were legendary.
As a jewelry designer, it was hard for her not to be tempted by this kind of opportunity to watch from a close distance.
Tiffany saw through her thoughts.

"Go, go.You must be bored staying here all day long.It would be good for you to go out and have a look.You can also change
your mind."
Sharon glanced at the time of the invitation.
It was this Saturday, which was the day after tomorrow.She nodded.
Olivia Hood opened her big eyes from the side, full of yearning.
"Can you bring me along?"
Sharon smiled.

"Alright, let's go together."
Tiffany said, "I can't go.Recently, this little fellow in my stomach has been a little noisy.He will definitely be uncomfortable if he
goes to a place with so many people."
Sharon said, "Okay, then you can have a good rest at home this weekend."
In the evening, while sleeping, Sharon told Jameson about this.
Jameson softly replied, "If you like it, buy it, and I'll pay for it."
The corners of Sharon's lips curled up.
"That's a personal collection, not for sale."
"That's because no one has offered the right amount yet.There is nothing in the world that money can't buy"
Sharon: "..."
That was also true.
As Mr.Proctor's famous saying went, ‘There was no friend that couldn't be made after spending money: Sharon closed her eyes.

Jameson's voice continued, "Have you thought about where to go to play?"
"Not yet.There are still a few days left.Why are you in such a hurry?"
"Huh?" Jameson asked.
He thought about it for a long time, but he couldn't think of any words that could have offended her.
Jameson was silent for a while before he said, "Your period seems to be coming soon."
Sharon opened her eyes.
"Why do you always remember it better than I do?"
"Because you always throwing tantrums at me"
As he spoke, Jameson reached into her clothes and lowered his voice.
"Treasure your time, baby."
Before Sharon could say anything, he had covered her lips already.
By the time they finished, it was already late at night.
After Sharon came out of the bathroom, she sat in front of the desk and could not fall asleep at all.
Jameson walked to her side.
"The designer sent two new designs for the wedding dress I asked you to choose last time.Take a look at which one you like
more and if neither suits your tastes, let her change them."
Sharon looked at him.
"Actually, now I can quite understand why so many people are scolding you behind your back."
Jameson: "..."
Sharon continued, "I would rather quit this industry than to face a guy like you."
Jameson leaned over and pinched her chin.

His eyes narrowed.
"What are you talking about?"
Sharon's eyes were curved.
"I'm praising you."
As she spoke, she went to get her tablet.
"Where's that draft? Let me take a look.
But I have to be honest, after being in the second-class for so long, occasionally being a first-class player is quite cool.

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