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Don't Mess with the Rock Chicks by F BOY’s DOLL

Chatper 375
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Chapter 375

As they talked, Jolene watched coldly.

Nicole was in high spirits and couldn’t stop drinking one cup after another.

Jolene didn’t dare to drink, judging by today’s situation, she will have to send Nicole home later.

Drinking high, she and Rory put their shoulders together and patted

Chest assured Rory: “I can’t help you with anything else, but it’s okay to recommend you to meet the

secretary. You can discuss the specific matters in person.”

Rory went to the bathroom afterwards, and Nicole sprawled halfway in a chair and called Gideon.

Jolene didn’t stop her either, she knew Nicole’s character and couldn’t hold her back.

“Gideon, I have a friend who is an investor. I really want to cooperate with Earth Group on a project.

Why don’t you meet him first?”

Nicole has spoken, how can Gideon disagree?

When Rory came back from the bathroom, Nicole hiccupped and told Rory, “At 3:30 tomorrow

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afternoon, at the cafe opposite the Earth Group.”

Surprised, Rory even hugged Nicole and kissed her on the



“Nicole, you are awesome!”

Nicole, that good–for–nothing, turned red all of a sudden.

Red from forehead to ears.

Then she became even more drunk, and her whole body was

soaked in sweet wine.

It was quite late after dinner, and Jolene was about to send Nicole back, but she was already

staggering, half of her body fell into Rory’s arms.

Rory politely said to Jolene: “I’ll take her back. Is this place close to where you live? Otherwise, I’ll have

to take you home later.”


“It’s okay, she’s in this state tonight, I have to stay with her.” Jolene put her arms around Nicole’s waist,

and put her arms around her: “Rory, you go back first!”

Rory was very gentlemanly and kept helping her to help. Nicole into the car. She said goodbye to him

and drove off in

Nicole’s car.

Nicole was lying in the backseat and sleeping soundly. Jolene looked back at her when she was

waiting for the red light. After thinking about it, she took a tissue and leaned over to wipe her forehead


Nicole snorted and turned over: “Don’t make trouble.”

She drove the car back to Nicole’s house, Nicole was already bubbling in sleep, and she was

wondering how to get the ancestor upstairs, when Gideon’s voice suddenly came from

behind her.

“Special Assistant Marsh.”

She was startled, turned around, Gideon trotted all the way over, looked at Nicole in the car: “I’ll do it!”

Jolene stepped aside to watch Gideon lift Nicole out of the car, and she closed the door behind her.

Entering Nicole’s house, Gideon put her on the bed, and Jolene went to twist a wet towel to wipe her

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Gideon explained: “When she called me, I heard that she seemed to be drinking, so she came here

because she was worried.”

Jolene wiped Nicole’s face and undressed while Gideon went to the living room to wait.

She put her ancestors to sleep, closed the door and came out, Gideon quickly stood up from the sofa.

“Special Assistant Marsh, is she asleep?”

“I’ve been sleeping.” Jolene said, “Don’t worry, I’ll stay here tonight.”

“Okay, I have no other intentions, just come and see her.” Gideon stroked the back of his head: “Then

Special Assistant Marsh, I’ll go first.”

Jolene walks him to the door, she knows Gideon might have figured it out, but he doesn’t say anything.

So, Gideon saw it, Bowen didn’t?


Gideon stepped out of the door and smiled at Jolene: “Special

Assistant Marsh, I’m glad to see you doing well, too.”

Jolene also smiled at him: “Drive carefully on the road,


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