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Billionaire’s Ex-wife : Craving You

Billionaire’s Ex-wife : Craving You
123 Chapters
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Billionaire’s Ex-wife : Craving You

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    Read Billionaire’s Ex-wife : Craving You by A-be-be. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereBillionaire’s Ex-wife : Craving You by A-be-be full chapter at . Genre: Romance The Story describes a man named Ravel who is contemplating a divorce from his wife, Hazel. He finds solace in his work as a jeweler and is preparing for an important exhibition in two months. Ravel's sister, Elenor, barges into his office and confronts him about the divorce. She is shocked to learn about it and questions what went wrong in their marriage. Ravel insists that feelings change, and he fell out of love with Hazel. He also mentions another woman in his life and urges Hazel to sign the divorce papers quickly. Elenor is taken aback by this revelation and warns Ravel that his actions will have consequences, but he remains firm in his decision to divorce Hazel... Read Billionaire’s Ex-wife : Craving You