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Alpha's Possession by Jessica Hall

Chapter 171 Book 2 Chapter 69
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Read Omega’s Possession by Jessica Hall Book 2 Chapter 69 – Epilogue
Just over 1 year later.

All our family stood in the backyard gathered around the table covered in food and presents. It was Scarlet’s second birthday.
“Happy Birthday, Scarlet. Hip hip h***ray.” Everyone sang as Scarlet leaned forward, lips pursed as she tried to blow out the
candles. Thane standing behind her, helps her. She claps her hands, he fixes her party hat on her head.
“Who wants cake?” Thane sings out. He spent two days making that unicorn dinosaur cake for her that she insisted she wanted.
It had a T-Rex body but a unicorn head and horn. The twins waddle over to
Thane as he helps Scarlet cut the biggest chunk, her curly dark hair blowing in the breeze as he sets it in her bowl.
The twins had just learned how to stand and we’re currently using Thane’s suit pants to pull themselves up. Scarlet, noticing
them, grabs a piece of her freshly cut cake, leaning over and holding it out to Xavian which is Rhen’s middle name. Thane had
picked his name while Leon demanded he got to pick Emeric’s which was Raidon’s middle name, which caused arguments

because Raidon wanted to give him Leon’s.
They ended up settling on Emeric as long as I agree to have another later on, which turned out to be now as I was nearly full
term with our second daughter Falon.
“Xavian let her eat her cake. Daddy has got vou some here,” Thane tells him while Xavian gnaws on Scarlet’s hand, slobbering
all over her fingers. Thane scoops him and Emeric up in one arm, perching them on his hip. While he grabs their bowls. Raidon
moves to help him when Scarlet holds the mushed- up cake to Raidon, wanting to feed him some.
“All yours baby girl, eat it up,” yet she thrusts the cake at him and he pulls a face, reluctantly eating the mushed-up slobbered on
cake. “Mmm, yum,” he tells her, and Thane chuckles at him.
“Happy birthday Scar!” Zara leans down kissing her head, dropping a tiara on her head. Zara had six kids in total now. But insists
she is done, though Jake keeps pestering her for one more. I watch as Zara helps her open up her present and Scarlet holds it
up to show us while I move to take a seat, my lower back killing from standing half the day..

How so much had changed in a year? Thane had the Omega laws officially overturned in parliament. All Omegas were now no
longer of an Alphas possession. We now had free will and laws that protected us. He accomplished what his mother always
wished to.

Sitting at the table everyone was eating, Leo and Charles then spent half the afternoon chasing the kids around on the climbing
frame and jumping castle with Emily.
Elaine sits next to me, her hand smoothing over my belly.
“See, think of all the tummy rubs you could get,” Sam tells Zara, nodding at my huge belly.
“Not a chance, I’m not a breeding machine, I’m done,” she tells him, shooting him a look. I chuckle as they continue to bicker, her
other mates joining in, but she remains firm.
“How much longer now?” Zara asks, looking at my belly.
“A week.”
“Still want me to come down? Jake can drive me,” she tells me and I nod. I was at her last birth and she arrived a few minutes
after I had the twins. I smile, nodding. “Of course,” I tell her and she nods.
Hands grip my shoulders and I peer up at Leon. He leans down, kissing me, and I growl at him when he tries to deepen it. He
chuckles, pulling back and moving to clean up Scarlet, who is covered in cake and cream. Thane is feeding Emeric while Raidon
feeds Xavian. Looking around, I see Rhen walking toward me. He places a piece of cake in front of me.
Zara and I tried to see each other once a month, and we alternated between her house for the weekend and ours. Family
gatherings were huge now and something I didn’t take for granted.
We always made sure to make time, and I knew Zara felt the same. We always wanted cousins and relatives growing up. Living
on the run, we didn’t get that, but we made sure our kids did because to us, family is everything.
The End.

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