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After the Divorce: Crushed on My Lawyer Ex-wife

Chapter 134
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#134 “Please, don’t leave me.”
Amid the chaos, Alexander was determined to anchor Sophia in the present. He held her trembling hands firmly, the intensity of
his gaze cutting through the terror that gripped her.
“I want you to take a deep breath,” Alexander commanded once more.
Sophia, her nails inadvertently digging into his hand in terror, felt the urgency in Alexander’s voice. She nodded, her breath
shaky, and followed his command. As she exhaled, the blinding headlights of approaching vehicles illuminated the rain-soaked
wreckage around them.
The screech of tires echoed, and the driver skillfully maneuvered to avoid colliding with another car. It was a desperate attempt
to elude the relentless pursuit of the police.
Sophia’s gasp was drowned by the chaotic symphony of rain and sirens.
“Sophie, I promise as soon as we’re out of here, I’ll make you my life-saving sandwiches every day.”
Alexander’s words cut through the tension, offering a glimpse of a reality beyond the immediate crisis. Sophia pressed into him
for comfort and felt a small smile tug at the corners of her lips despite the chaos around them.
“I’ll also buy some of that horrible candy you like from a carnival. Do you remember them?” Alexander continued his voice a
gentle reassurance.

Sophia managed a barely perceptible nod, the traumatic memories beginning to yield to the images Alexander painted for her.

“I’ll take you to these carnivals, I’ll even drink beer to keep you company, I’ll dress in jeans and a t-shirt and not wear a suit. So I
want you to stay calm because we’re going to get out of here. Breathe deeply.”
Sophia felt a soft laughter bubble up within her at his words, a release from the tension that gripped her. New headlights
emerged on the opposite side, and she instinctively buried her face in Alexander’s chest.
He caressed her hair, whispering soothing words that cut through the chaos, creating a bubble of solace within the storm. In that
fleeting moment, Alexander’s promises became a lifeline, a vision of a future beyond the immediate peril they faced.
The rain-drenched highway blurred as the speeding car raced through the storm, desperately fleeing from the clutches of the
law. Police sirens wailed in pursuit, drawing closer with each passing moment. Tension hung thick in the air as the pursuit
intensified, a high-stakes chase through the relentless downpour.
Suddenly, the world outside became a chaotic symphony of screeching tires and crashing metal. The fleeing vehicle, pursued by
flashing police lights, collided with another car in a deafening cacophony of destruction. The impact sent shockwaves through the
vehicle, jolting its occupants violently.
In that heart-stopping moment, Alexander instinctively shielded Sophia from the impending collision. His protective embrace
encapsulated her, offering a brief sanctuary amidst the chaos. The world outside seemed to twist and shatter as the collision
As the smoke of the crash cleared, reality hit Sophia like a freight train. Disoriented, she found herself in a twisted wreck,

Alexander still cradling her protectively. Panic surged through her veins like an electric shock. The realization that they were now
entwined in the aftermath of a violent crash sank in.
Sophia, her senses gradually returning, noticed that Alexander’s grip around her had not loosened. Panic clawed at her as she
realized that his eyes were closed, and a trickle of blood ran down his forehead.
“No, no, no!” Sophia’s voice trembled with unprecedented fear. She gently shook Alexander, desperately trying to rouse him from
unconsciousness. ”
Alexander, wake up! Please, wake up!”
The rain outside beat a mournful rhythm on the wreckage, mirroring the turmoil within Sophia’s heart. The flashing lights of police
cars added a surreal glow to the shattered scene. With every passing second, Sophia’s panic escalated into sheer terror.

Tears blurred Sophia’s vision as she cradled Alexander’s injured form. The once defiant storm now echoed the turmoil in her
soul. She pressed her trembling hands against his cheeks, willing warmth and life back into him.
“I need you, Alexander. Please, don’t leave me,” Sophia pleaded, her voice a desperate plea against the relentless rain.
The distant wail of sirens grew louder, signaling the arrival of emergency responders. Yet, in that harrowing moment, all Sophia
could see was the man in her arms, unconscious and vulnerable.
As the paramedics rushed to the scene, Sophia held onto Alexander, praying for a sign of life. The world around them faded into
a blur of flashing lights, rain-soaked wreckage, and Sophia’s heart-wrenching sobs.
Sophia couldn’t recall the route to the hospital. The officers attempted to question her, their voices a distant murmur in her ears.
However, she remained steadfast in her silence, refusing to engage with anyone until she had assurance about Alexander’s well-
The paramedics worked diligently around them, their focus on assessing Alexander’s condition. The ambulance became a
sanctuary of sorrow as Sophia clung to Alexander’s hand, tears flowing uncontrollably..