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Abigail’s Second Life

Chapter 681
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Sean quietly walked to a chair and sat down, leaning back with a dark mood that mirrored the night, filled with a

sense of loss.

Meanwhile, Abigail remained unaware of his departure as she furrowed her brow while texting Ronaldo.

'Can you take him to Alice?’

'If we take him to Alice, Sean will find out. Are you okay with that?"

Abigail paused as she read the message, feeling annoyed and powerless in that moment.

From the very beginning, Larry's genes had been problematic. If the best hospital in town couldn't provide any

help, she might have to consider other options.

"I'll cover. We'll figure something out."

Abigail had promised Luna that she would take good care of Larry. If Luna were to be gone in the future, Larry

would be all she had left.

Putting away her phone, Abigail realized that Sean was no longer there. She looked around and saw him sitting

on the chair. She walked over and sat next to him, taking his hand. "What's wrong?" Sean looked at her with a


"I have something important to attend to and must leave for a few days. Can you... Can you take care of them

for me?" After Abigail finished speaking, she bit her lower lip and hesitated momentarily before continuing, "It's

crucial. | have to go."

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"Okay. Go ahead." Sean agreed immediately.

Abigail hugged him and whispered in his ear, "Sean, | can't imagine my life without you. Although I'm currently

busy with work, I'll let go of everything once I'm done in two years. We'll get married, and I'll prioritize our


Sean raised his hand and gently stroked her hair. He closed his eyes and pressed his cheek against hers as he

spoke softly, "Okay. | won't think about anything other than what you said today." Despite feeling uneasy, he

didn't want to pry into her affairs.

Abigail was always a person of integrity. If she encountered something she couldn't handle, she would surely

inform him.

"Thank you," Abigail whispered.

"When are you leaving?" Sean tried to keep his tone light.

"I have to leave right away. Rest well tonight. I'll be back as soon as I'm finished." Abigail let go of him. After a

moment of hesitation, she leaned in and kissed him.

Afterward, she hurriedly got up.

Sean watched her rush back into the house and could only sigh in the end.

Upon returning to her room, Abigail packed her luggage and booked a flight to Eastbay. After packing everything,

she dragged her suitcase out of the Grahams. Seeing the driver waiting for her, she couldn't help but turn

around to glance at Sean's room on the second floor.

Although the curtains were drawn, the light was on.

In that split second, a sudden sadness surged in Abigail's heart.

"Ms. Quinn, shall we get in the car?" the driver asked.

Abigail withdrew her gaze and got into the car. She once couldn't comprehend the unspoken connection between

Sean and Joan, but now she seemed to have beca part of his past. Sear*ch the Findwebsite on

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At that moment, she wondered if she could earn his forgiveness if she had the chance to explain everything she

was doing after resolving the issue.

Around midnight, Abigail arrived at the airport in Eastbay. At the stime, Ronaldo anxiously awaited her


When he saw her exit the airport, he quickly approached her and said, "Larry's fever won't go down. The doctor

says he's naturally immune to the medicine. What should we do?" "What about the traditional medicine doctor?

Can they help?" Abigail asked.

"We've already consulted a traditional medicine doctor, but finding a good one so quickly is difficult." Ronaldo

followed Abigail, his anxiety surpassing hers.

Hearing his words, Abigail frowned. After a moment of silence, she looked at him and decisively said, "I'll take

Larry to see Alice."

"Tellthe truth. Where did you find this child?" Ronaldo felt that Abigail was being too kind to the child.

"Don't ask. All you need to know is that this is very important," Abigail replied.

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"Alright. Let's go find Alice then." Ronaldo didn't inquire further.

"Mr. Fernandez..."

"Miss Quinn." Ronaldo interrupted Abigail unhappily. "We now share the ssecret. | don't think it's appropriate

for you to callby my last nanymore, right?" "What should | call you then?" Abigail asked.

Ronaldo pondered for a moment and said, "CallRonaldo."

"Do | really have to call you that?" Abigail asked in a feigned, unhappy tone.

Ronaldo smiled and said, "You're Alana. It's an honor forto call you my friend."

Abigail nodded. "Alright, Ronaldo."

When they arrived at the hospital, Abigail took Larry's test results and left with Ronaldo, carrying Larry.

Larry was almost a month old, but he still appeared small. Thankfully, with the nourishment of the best formula,

his complexion had becfair instead of pink.

As Abigail sat in the car, she playfully reached out and touched Larry.

Larry's cheeks turned pink. His eyes were closed, and he would occasionally let out uncomfortable whimpers.

"You're holding him incorrectly!" Ronaldo reminded her from the side.

Abigail looked at him, and Ronaldo demonstrated the proper way to hold a child. "Like this. This is the correct

way. You're holding him as if he were an animal. It's not good for the child." "Then you hold him." Abigail handed

Larry to him.