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A Lifetime With You

A Lifetime With You Chapter 165
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Chapter 165
Ava would definitely not let Damien know about that, or else he would really be furious.
So, she casually replied, “I have also dried my mother’s hair.” Damien nodded and said, “You haven’t been home for a long time,
right? It’s the weekend tomorrow, so I will go back with you.”
Ava was surprised and happy at the same time. “Sure!”
Ava’s mother had told her before that Damien and she didn’t really get along. Hence, Ava had always thought that Damien
disliked her mother too and that he wouldn’t want to interact with her.
So, she didn’t expect him to offer to go back to her mother’s house with her!
Early the next morning, she got up and went out to buy a bunch of supplements and gifts for her mother. Damien looked at the
shopping bags in her hands and frowned, “We have a lot of these bird’s nest supplement at home, so why did you buy even
more of them?” “The ones at home are yours! These are for my mother, so they can’t be the same.” “Why can’t they be the
same?” Damien said unhappily. Ava talked as if the Radbury Family and she were separate entities. Thus, it was clear that she
didn’t consider herself part of the family.
When he thought about it, it seemed like she had never asked him for anything. Ava had even paid for all of Jean’s toys out of
her own pocket.
To be honest, he didn’t like it when she acted like she was an outsider.
“Ava, you and I are officially family!”
“Of course not! There’s still Jean!” Ava held Jean’s hand as she spoke.
When the three of them arrived at Jessica’s house, Jessica was surprised and nervous at the same time. “What brings you guys
here today?” “We came to see you! Jean hasn’t seen his grandma for so long and he misses you!” Ava smiled and replied.
“Grandma, do you miss me?” Jean extended his arms sweetly towards his grandma. However, Jessica’s expression was stiff and
awkward as she replied, “Of course I do! But ...” When she saw that Damien was also here, her expression turned even uglier.

Alas, Ava did not realize that and was about to enter the door with the gift bags. “Let’s head in, shall we? Mom, I’m going to put
these things inside first.”

This was her house. So of course, she made herself at home and entered as she pleased. But the moment she stepped in, her
body froze.
The bags of supplements and gifts in her hands all fell onto the ground. “What’s wrong?” Damien rushed in and gripped her
shoulder. Then, his expression changed as well.
This was because Keenan Nagel was sitting casually on the sofa in Jessica’s house! Ava’s father who was indifferent and had
abandoned them was there. However, Ava did not recognize him. At that instant, she felt a sharp pain in her head. It was as if
some kind of memory was about to emerge from her mind, but it quickly vanished before it came back to her. D “Are you okay?”
Damien asked in a soft voice.
She shook her head. Although her head hurt badly, it was just for a split second.
“Mom, this is...” Ava did not recognize who Keenan was as she only thought that he was her mother’s friend. On the other hand,
Jessica looked very awkward. Keenan stood up and wanted to get closer to Ava but in the end, he didn’t. “Mr. Radbury, long time
no see!” Instead, he greeted Damien. Then, Damien softly said to Ava, “This is Keenan Nagel, chairman of Nagel Group. He is
also your father.”
The word seemed very strange for her. The last time she heard it was a long... long time ago.
Was this person really her father?
She looked at Keenan confusedly and saw him staring at her. He looked weirded out as if he wanted to say something but he
refrained in the end. So, it seemed like he was really her father!
Ava’s heart started beating rapidly.
Recently, she had more or less heard about her own past from Jessica and the people around her. So, she knew about what
happened, but she didn’t expect to see him now.
“Ava, I heard that you were alive. I have been looking forward to meeting you, but I didn’t expect to do so today.” Keenan’s tone
was gentle.

Meanwhile, Damien faintly felt that something was wrong. In his impression, Keenan never had such a gentle attitude.

However, Ava didn’t sense anything off. It made sense as she couldn’t remember how cold and distant her father was in the past.
“Ava, I’m your father. Don’t you remember me?” Keenan asked again. “...
Then, Damien held onto her and said to Keenan, “Ava has lost her memory. She doesn’t remember many things about the past.
Please forgive her.” “Well, of course! She’s my daughter... I wouldn’t take it to heart.” Keenan said with a smile. Looking at his
expression, nobody knew if Keenan was convinced upon hearing that. Roughly four years ago, Keenan’s second daughter, Beth
Nagel, had kidnapped Damien and Ava. Unfortunately, she failed to do so and passed away in the process. After that, the
Radbury and Nagel families had completely fallen out with each other. For many years, they had no business relations with one
Dan V
Therefore, the relationship between Keenan and Damien had already collapsed beyond repair. So, seeing him in Jessica’s
house today was strange indeed. “I think you can leave now. I’ll call you later.” Jessica hurriedly pushed Keenan, signaling him to
To his credit, Keenan didn’t say much. He only said to Damien, “Alright then. We should meet up and have a chat next time.”
Under Jessica’s urging, Keenan finally left the house. At this point, Damien was even more weirded out. Something was not
right. From what Damien knew of Keenan’s temper, it was impossible for him to even come and visit Jessica. Moreover, he had
spoken so politely to Damien! When they were finally left alone in the house, Jessica let out an awkward laugh. “Mom, what the
hell is going on?” Ava asked. “Humph...Your father and I used to have feelings for each other. What’s wrong with him visiting
me?” Nevertheless, Damien said, “If that was the case, then why were you in such a rush to get rid of him?” “That’s because...”
Jessica was at a loss for words. It happened so suddenly that she hadn’t come up with a suitable excuse yet! Ava took Jean’s
hand and sat down on the sofa. To be honest, this was her mother’s private affairs and it wasn’t necessary for Ava to pry too
much. However, it was simply too unusual! “Mom, can’t you tell me the truth?” “What’s there to tell you? Ever since you married
into the Radbury Family, you hardly ever come to visit me anymore. Is it so wrong to have a cup of tea with your father?” Jessica
said unhappily. “I never said it was wrong! But didn’t you say that my father was a cold and heartless man? I thought you cut
contact with him!” “That was the past. Can I not keep in touch with him now? Ava, you don’t remember the past anymore, so
don’t meddle with my business!”
Ava was speechless at this point. It was true that she didn’t remember the past, and she’d suffered greatly because of that.
However, this was her mother, and she was the only family member that Ava had left apart from Jean! She couldn’t just ignore it
and let it slide!.

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